About Me

My name is Brodie Surles and I am a 17-year-old aspiring photographer, who also likes to dabble in videography and other things. I created this website in order to house my creations as well as to share my interests and things I come upon that I think the world should enjoy. Please explore all the pages at your own pace, I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web!

Pictures of me

10 Facts About Me

  • I live in the Houston area
  • I like to take pictures on film
  • I enjoy nature and the outdoors (Mother Nature is a mother to all)
  • I aspire to get a Volkswagen Bus
  • I'm currently attempting to learn bass guitar
  • Quite frequently I end up sleeping 10-14 hours a day
  • The sun is our friend (and one I try to hold dear)
  • My favorite color was green but has become purple (however I still like green quite a lot)
  • I would like to get tattoos in the future
  • While I am a terrible artist, I still like to draw (but I'm still nervous about painting)

Contact Me!

  • Instagram - @brogdie
  • Email - brodiesu@gmail.com